Brand Pigeon

Pigeon Feeder With Long Nipple For Cleft Palate

Pigeon Plastic Nursing Bottle Designed For Cleft Palate With Long Nipple.

The Cleft Palate Bottle is specially designed for the proper and successful feeding of infants with a cleft palate or poor sucking strength.
The Cleft Palate Nipple does fit on most standard size bottles.
Key Features:
The Pigeon nipple has Y-cut tip and the plastic one-way valve prevents negative pressure.
The Cleft Palate Bottle's latex-free, cross-cut nipple has a thick and a thin side that gives baby the advantage of a nipple that is easily compressed.
It's unique nipple is the simple one-way valve that allows milk to flow only when sucked or compressed by your infant's tongue
An ingenious air control feature allows to control the rate of flow just by loosening or tightening the cap slightly.
Volume : 120 ml