Breast Pumps

Breast pumps allow a mother to release and store breast milk for later use. Mothers who go back to work or whose nipple problems keep them from breastfeeding directly can still make sure their babies benefit from breast milk.

How do I use a breast pump?
Sucking is not the same as pulling on the nipple. Strong pressure is not necessarily the best. Breast milk is produced and lactated when a mother's special hormones are stimulated.
These hormones are released during your baby's sucking action and shut down when a mother feels uncomfortable or pain.
The two most important things in releasing breast milk are for the mother to be relaxed and for the pump to promote lactation by simulating a baby's suckling. Choose the level of suction most comfortable for you and closest to your baby's natural sucking. Stop pumping when pain is felt in the breast or nipple.

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